Also flow-meter™ in Doc - in your hands.


Who isn't anxiously waiting for the sequel to the adventures of the primary doctor Andrea Fanti? The first series of the all-Italian fiction “Doc - Nelle tue mani”, aired on Rai1, was a success. During the last episode last November the audience was 8 million 510 thousand viewers, equal to 30.8% share: a medical drama inspired by the true story of the primary doctor Pierdante Piccioni, who in the fiction is called Andrea Fanti, played by Luca Argentero.
flow-meter™ provided a series of medical devices free of charge, which appeared several times during the various episodes: EasyFLOW® flowmeters, EasyVAC® PLUS vacuum regulators, FLOVAC® disposable containers and other accessories necessary for their use.
Because of Covid the first season had been divided in two, but the success of the audience pushed the organization to think and realize a second season, in which we will see again the flow-meter™ equipment in the hospital where the handsome Doc Luca Argentero works.
The airing should be scheduled between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022.

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