The disposable containers FLOVAC® are used to collect the organic fluids in suction. THE PRODUCT PHYLOSOPHY The disposable containers FLOVAC® are used to collect the organic fluids in suction. Designed and manufactured for high flow and high vacuum applications, the containers FLOVAC® are the best expressions as regards use practicality and safety, both for the operator and for the hospital plant and ambient, thanks to the use of absolutely reliable and innovating construction materials. With FLOVAC® the use and the replacement operations are simplified to reduce the plant stops to a minimum in each application. Moreover FLOW METER has conceived and carried out a complete range of accessories aimed to cover the greatest number of applications in hospitals. APPLICATIONS Thanks to their great versatility and simplicity, the disposable containers for suctioned liquids FLOVAC® are used with success in General and Special Surgery and in Intensive Care treatments. They are available both in a Liner construction consisting of a rigid reusable jar of support and a disposable collection system, the latter made of a soft liner bag hermetically welded to a lid, and in a Canister construction consisting of a rigid and disposable jar and a lid to be hermetically matched to it. This lid has connectors that make it possible to connect the collection container with the suction line and with the patient. An antibacterical and hydrophobic shut off filter made of GORE-TEX® protect the device and/or the vacuum system. Moreover the filter works as an overflow valve stopping the suction if the maximum filling level is reached. The PATIENT port allows the suction of fluids containing bone fragments, once the angled connector is removed. If a collection capacity exceeding the maximum volume available is needed, it is possible to add, thanks to the TANDEM connector, two or more devices connecting them in cascade: in such a way the collection capacity of the system is increased. A graduated scale, printed on the external jar, makes it possible to check the volume of the collected liquid. According to the real needs of the volumes to be suctioned, it is possible to choose the size of the device to use (1.0 L, 2.0 L and 3.0 L). The hermetic seal of the lid makes disposal particularly hygienic, simple and safe, both for the patient and for the operators dealing with the removal and the replacement of this device. GENERAL FEATURES 1. Lid: made of high density polyethylene (HDPE), it includes the connections to the vacuum source, to the suction cannula and to TANDEM, besides the closing caps of the PATIENT and TANDEM ports allowing to hermetically close the container before disposal. Moreover the Canister construction has trip clips on the lid allowing an immovable matching with the jar, in order to grant maximum protection conditions during disposal.   2. VACUUM connection: it makes it possible to connect in an easy way the FLOVAC® device to the vacuum source. Moreover it works as an ON-OFF switch for quick intervention.   3. Angled reduction connector: it makes it possible to connect the patient suction tubing, also fitted with a cannula. If removed from the lid, it is also possible to suction fluids containing bone fragments.   4. Overflow valve: hydrophobic type with GORE-TEX® filter, it creates, in any condition, a barrier to the liquid flow.   5. Flexible bag (only for the Liner construction): made of low density polyethylene (LDPE), it is soft, light, clear, easy to handle and with a high physical/mechanical resistance.   6. Supporting jar (only for the Liner construction): reusable type, it is made of polycarbonate autoclavable at a temperature of 121° C. The printed graduated scale makes it possible an easy reading of the collected liquid volume.   7. Canister container: disposable, it is made of Light HDPE unbreakable to shocks. The printed graduated scale makes it possible an easy reading of the collected liquids volume. To consult this product features, please go to the page of the on-line catalogue by using the following link:

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