The flowmeters type EASYMED® are instant flow measuring devices with calibrated holes suitable for the dosage of medical gases. Particularly suitable for oxygen therapy, they are manufactured with an integrated regulator for the inlet pressure stabilization and with an outlet threaded connection adequate to the different requested applications. The flowmeters EASYMED® are made of anti-shock ABS and chrome-plated brass nipple and they are equipped with a big adjusting knob allowing an easy handling for the operators. The small sizes in the construction and the particular technical design allow the flowmeters EASYMED® to supply flows of medical gases with a great accuracy even in the most difficult conditions such as in the emergency mobile units. To consult this product features, please go to the page of the on-line catalogue by using the following link: Flowmeters type EASYMED®

Flowmeters type EASYMED® For further information, please send an e-mail to: info@flowmeter.it




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