EasyMIX® oxygen/air mixer

The oxygen/air mixer type EasyMIX® is a single device that can be used in oxygen therapy, aerosol therapy and CPAP therapy with the possibility to constantly monitor the oxygen concentration present in the supplied mixture through an on-line oxygen analyzer (optional).

The device is composed by two variable area flowmeter groups, one for oxygen with a dual scale 2-10 L/min. and 10-50 L/min. and one for medical air with scale 6-50 L/min, both assembled in a single body made of anodized aluminium equipped with a clamp for rail 30x10 mm with locking knob. The two independent inlet threads NIST EN ISO 5359, made of chrome-plated brass, allows a connection to the supply source through low pressure hose assemblies fitted with probes according to the user’s plant and fixed in an unmovable way.

The 2-in-1 connector for the mixture outlet offers several solutions:
- the thread 9/16” UNF EN 13544-2 M. allows to screw a reusable, single patient or prefilled humidifier;
- a connector with diameter 22 M. ISO DIN 5356-1 allows the connection to a system for the CPAP therapy, through a corrugated hose;
- a metal hose connector Ø 6.0 ÷ 8.5 mm, already supplied with the device, for a direct connection to the patient hose (nose catheter or hose with mask).

A single device able to satisfy different use requirements in the field of the respiratory therapy.

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Tech Info

Sizes (LxWxH)

110x130x157 mm

Weight1.0 Kg
1.2 Kg with Oxygen Analyzer (optional)
Supply max pressure600 kPa (6 bar)
Gases optionsO2 • Air
Standard scales - 400 kPa (4 bar)O2 dual scale 2-10 L/min. - 10-50 L/min. Air 6-50 L/min.
Accuracy±10% read value or ±0,5 L/min. if greater
Supply connectionsindependent NIST EN ISO 5359
Mixed gases outlet connection

9/16” UNF EN 13544-2 M. - Ø 22 M. ISO DIN 5356-1
+ an incorporated metal outlet hose connector Ø 6.0 ÷ 8.5 mm


Oxygen Analyzer

Sensor type


Range of measurament

0÷99% Vol. oxygen

Display indication1% Vol.

Measurement time

1 sec.

Response time< 5 sec.
Accuracy±3% read value

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EasyMIX® oxygen/air mixer

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