AV Venturi suction units

The Venturi AV/500 and AV/1000 vacuum generating system units are particularly suitable in all hospital applications in which it is necessary to get values ​​of vacuum up to -850 mbar and where a central facility of vacuum generation for suction is missing, often for technical choice.
As it is well known, the physical principle called “Venturi” allows to get depression from a fluid under pressure, which is obtained, in case of these devices, using medical compressed air coming from the centralized distribution plant. Such devices are composed essentially of a brass chrome-plated body, a needle valve with vacuum adjustment knob and a vacuum gauge.

The version AV/1000 fits also a quick I/0 button switch and a large gauge, while in the version AV/500 a protective silicone cover on vacuum gauge avoids damages caused by possible impacts during transport or use.
Being the system working with a principle where medical air under pressure goes released to the environment, the equipment has a high efficiency silencer reducing the noise to allow an adequate level of comfort for patients and operators. The system fits a special device expressly designed and realized with an one-way safety valve, to protect the patient against accidental back pressures.

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Tech Info




Sizes (LxWxH)

92x72x100 mm

104x72x132 mm


0.50 Kg

0.83 Kg

Max. suction range

40 L/min. +5 L/min.

25 L/min. ±2 L/min.

Vacuum gauge scale

0 ÷ -1000 mbar

0 ÷ -1000 mbar

Maximum adjustable depression (with plate pressure ±10%)

-800 mbar -25 mbar

-850 mbar/hPa
-25 mbar/hPa

Gas and supply pressure (standard version)

compressed air 400 kPa (4.0 bar) ± 10%

Adjustment of suction level

needle valve

Air consumption at the max. suction value

60 L/min. ±2 L/min.

Inlet connection

ISO G. 1/4” M.

Outlet connection

ISO G. 1/2” M. + quick release system for EASYSAFE®or EasySAFE® PLUS safety jar connection

Reading resolution

1 mbar/hPa (1 mmHg)
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