OXITER® oxygen therapy single-patient humidifiers

The OXITER® bubbling humidifiers are single patient devices used to increase the relative humidity in the treatments with medical oxygen both in hospital and at home.
Medical oxygen, as it is normally supplied from hospital plant outlets or cylinders, has not sufficient degree of humidity to be physiologically tolerated by the patient’s airways without collateral consequences. Hence the need to add on oxygen supply devices, such as the flowmeters, suitable devices for the humidification of the gas during dispensing.

The OXITER® single-patient bubbling humidifiers are made of a polycarbonate jar and of a cover and remaining structure in ABS. They are supplied in packs of 20 pieces.
The bubbling device guarantees the best supplied oxygen humidification, maintaining a noise level far below the limits of the reference standard (<50 dB at 1 m) and thus giving acceptable comfort to the patient, especially in prolonged respirators treatments. They guarantee, in conjunction with flowmeters EasyFLOW®, Rs, Qmed®, EASYMED® and EasyMED® PLUS, an easy use and great versatility, combined with an extreme economy.

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Tech Info

Inner volume

285 ml

Sizes (LxWxH)

70x83x178 mm


0.08 Kg

Max. applicable pressure value

500 kPa

Max. applicable flow value

10 L/min.

Inlet connection

1/4” ISO 3253 F. • 9/16” UNF EN 13544-2 F.

Outlet connection

hose connector Ø 6÷9 mm

Humidification power with oxygen supply (Relative humidity at 18.7°C)





After 2 mt. tube Ø 5 with mask


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