Large capacity collection jars

The MAK series large size containers for suctioned liquids are designed and manufactured for “high flow and high vacuum” applications. They have a long history, full of positive praises for their versatility, safety and economy.

Jar and lid are made of polycarbonate, and two straight inlet/outlet connectors are integrated into the cover (except in the above mentioned version having direct connection to the vacuum regulator that fits one chrome-plated brass nipple with polycarbonate connecting nut). All containers are equipped with an overflow valve, are supplied with two spare elbow connectors, to set up any possible connection between the jar, the suction line and the patient, and are obviously autoclavable (121 °C - 15 min.). If higher sterilization temperatures are required, a PSU version is also available for the three sizes (134 °C - 18 min.). An external graduated scale gives indications about the level of filling. In conjunction with the various supports and accessories available on request, the MAK collection jars grant simplicity in use, versatility and an important operating economy.

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Tech Info



with screw lid

with pressure lid


Inner volume

1000 ml

2000 ml

2000 ml

4000 ml

Sizes (LxWxH)

110x110x235 mm

135x135x285 mm

125x125x285 mm

175x175x310 mm


0.38 Kg

0.49 Kg

0.49 Kg

0.99 Kg

Supply depr.

max -950 mbar- 5 min

Overflow valve

floating valve

Inlet connection

hose connector Ø 8.0÷9.2 mm or ISO G 1/2” F.
(for MAK/1000 and MAK/2000 screw lid only)

Outlet connection

hose connector Ø 8.0÷9.2 mm

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