40 YEARS OF flow-meter™


1969-2009: flow-meter™’s 40th Anniversary. flow-meter™ had an important anniversary in 2009, chalking up forty years of business. This is a prestigious event, which was arrived at with no small amount of commitment and sacrifice, which permitted the company to become an undisputed leader, however, in the field of medical devices and processing instruments for industry in general. During these forty years the company has knowingly succeeded in orienting their choices as a function of the rapid changes taking place on the market. Over the years, technology and demand have changed commercial, technical, normative and legislative needs. The results confirm that flow-meter™ has succeeded thus far in making the right choices and establishing the right objectives, pursuing their philosophy of innovation and foreseeing the needs of an increasingly complex market in advance, wherever and to the extent possible. With the experience acquired over the years in the design and industrialisation of flow-meter™ devices, the company is always able to offer a customised product, in harmony with the clientele’s specific requirements.

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