EasyVEE® is the new jet (Venturi) device produced by flow-meter™. It works like a high flow generator for CPAP and requires only feeding from a source of oxygen.

Its use is limited to ventilation with a specific mask, with the helmet or with HFNC (High Flow Nasal Cannula), and requires a PEEP valve placed on the outlet of the expiratory gases.

The system is indicated for all patients requiring restabilisation of their respiratory mechanics and distribution or air in the lungs (patients who have sustained thoracic trauma, a pulmonary oedema, asthma, acute respiratory failure, etc.) and can be used without distinction with double or single high-flow flow meter.

EasyVEE® consists of an anodised aluminium structure, so it is particularly sturdy for the heavy applications for which it is designed, and small in size and low in weight, which make the device an easy to manoeuvre and particularly practical to use device. The possibility to insert an anti-microbial line at the suction fitting and at the outlet fitting provides two functions: if on the one hand greater protection for the patient is guaranteed, on the other it softens the system’s noise, in this way achieving enhanced comfort for the patient during therapy.
It also features:

  • an inlet port for the air sucked from the environment with graduated regulator
  • a threaded connection for the driver high-flow oxygen flow meter
  • “FIO2 monitor” port that allows a digital oximeter with electro-chemical sensor (optional) to be installed
  • “FIO2+” port (used in the double flow meter application) where a flexible fitting allows a second flow meter for regulating the patient’s FIO2 (from 35% to 99%) to be connected

For more detailed information and composition diagrams, please visit the dedicated web page or download the product sheet.

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