Easy Line Product Series Family at Red Dot Award


flow-meter™, together with the DNA team, specialised in identifying and creating new products and interiors, applied for the Red Dot Award in the Product Design category. 

The choice fell on Easy Line Product Series Family, launched on the market starting from 2017.

The Red Dot Award is an international design competition for product design, communication design and design concepts.

The flow-meter™ line of medical devices is dedicated to measuring, controlling, and supplying medical gases and regrouping them according to their applications in oxygen therapy, ventilation therapies, and the suction of fluids. These units are mainly used for three large macro areas: CRITICAL CARE, OXYGEN THERAPY and SUCTION OF FLUIDS. The product line consists of 8 devices. The yellow color identifies the product range dedicated to suction of fluids, while the blue color is dedicated to oxygen therapy. Keeping in mind their essential use, the design has been focused on making a straightforward use and reducing the possibility of error or accidental activation. The study has been developed with an in-depth ergonomic analysis and through usability tests for the hospital and domiciliary use. The result is an outstanding, intuitive, and straightforward-to-use devices range.

Main concepts:
EXCELLENT ERGONOMY and PRECISION avoiding the possibility of errors
PATIENT CENTRED DESIGN focused on a pleasant and reassuring style

Product name: Easy Line Product Series Family

Product type: Device Family for Oxygen and Fluids Therapy

Year of market launch: starting from 2017

Competition entry category: 36.11 Medical Devices and Technology, emergency equipment

Jury session: March 2023

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