Flovac, presentation of the restyled logo


Flovac® | flow-meter™

Flovac now has a new look. The logo of the disposable flow-meter™ collection container has been redesigned: the restyling sets out to highlight the shape of the product, by using a softly rounded lettering font, while also recalling the concavity of the container with each letter.  The only exception is the letter “O” which represents the concept of a closed lid, the sole element of exchange with the external environment. The exchange between fluids and air filtering is represented by tiny circles exuding from the letter “O”. 
The resulting Logotype is modern and identifiable without compromising its readability, a fundamental customer prerogative. 
Roberto Paratico, Ceo of flow-meter™ expresses his satisfaction:  
“An ongoing product tuning process, guaranteeing an ever-higher performance combined with total “reliability and safety”, with more than 40 million pieces already produced, has paved the way to the current FLOVAC 4.0 - “fourpointzero” - edition (or revolution).  
To highlight this new product concept more effectively and attribute adequate importance to the experience of past years, flow-meter™ has chosen to confer a new identity to its bestselling device, by developing a new FLOVAC logo and a more contemporary image, a combo that effectively represents the corporate philosophy”.
Flovac has come a long way since the launch of the MONOKIT back in 1988. This was the first disposable collection container for suctioned fluids fitted with a mechanical float-type overflow valve, produced by flow-meter™. The intent to develop an increasingly safe system for health operators and patients, to guarantee total protection of the suction source against bacteria, viruses, volatile particles, electrosurgical foam and fumes, has led to the use of a hydrophobic membrane combined with a HEPA filter whose filtering capacity and considerable dimensions enabled the development of a “third generation” device in 2004, as well as guaranteeing a suction performance comparable to that of a traditional mechanical container.  
This is the story of FLOVAC, no mere “modern collection container for suctioned fluids” but an authentic “innovative concept” which, both in the Canister and Liner versions, provides users with the most complete and functional range available on today’s market, also thanks to the countless accessories in the line, allowing the device to be adapted to any conditions of usage.  

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